Fur Patrol “Lydia”

2000-fur-patrol-lydiaBefore Adele and “Someone Like You”, “Lydia” was the default white-girl-blues song for those evenings requiring white wine and bitter tears. It’s a great song (it hit number one in the charts) and has a perfect singalong chorus – “My babeeeeey! Don’t you want me anymore?”

Director Jonathan King sets the band performing in an intimate venue (filmed at Verona on K Road). It soon becomes clear they’re miming their instruments. It’s not just air guitar, but also air bass, air drums and air microphone. As sultry nightclub singer Julia Deans sings the song, the camera captures her dramatic eye rolls and sarcastic facial gestures. She’s singing across the room from a couple at a table – a crusty looking guy sitting with a blonde chick. Lydia.

When the chorus comes around, the sarcasm leaves Julia’s face. She gets right to the emotional core of the song, that feeling of awfulness.

As the video progresses we discover that Lydia is played by Julia Deans in a wig, complete with the same labret piercing. Julia walks over to the crusty guy and Lydia and climbs up on their table. But she seems to be as invisible to them as the band’s instruments are to us. But something happens. Julia turns to Lydia and cries, “My baby, don’t you love me anymore?” Lydia acknowledges her, her face dropping. And we realise – Julia was never singing to the crusty guy (good, because gross); she was singing to Lydia, a blonde version of herself.

Such a simple and such a devastatingly good video.

Best bit: the crusty guy’s wine tasting mime.

Director: Jonathan King
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

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7 thoughts on “Fur Patrol “Lydia””

  1. Wait, what? I saw this video for months as it hung around the top twenty and never once clicked that Julia was Lydia (though I did find the chin piercing odd). Blinded by the blonde wig and Rachel Stevens (yes, S Club 7 were popular at the time) style makeup….
    I always had the vague suspicion that the guy might have been ex Shortland Street or something….

    1. Wow, I never had a clue that the blondie was Julia either!!! This has been quite a revelation … had to rewatch the video to check haha. Madness! Must have seen it a million times, too.

      1. That’s very interesting to hear from both of you. I can see how it could be overlooked, especially if you’ve just got the telly on but you’re not paying close attention. In a way it makes the video less successful, but it has also resulted in a “Whoa!” moment a decade later, which is pretty cool.

  2. I ALSO never realised Julia was the other girl, and the number of times I have sung this song very drunkenly (and now, Adele), my mind is like woah

  3. I have always paid quite close attention to the vid … coz I thought the blonde Julia was quite cute … not realising it was Julia! I now feel betrayed. haha

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