Goodshirt “Green”

2000-goodshirt-greenWell, this is exciting. “Green” marks the start of the legendary collaboration between Goodshirt and director Joe Lonie. Together they made four quirky, low-budget one-take music videos that have mostly become classics.

But there’s a funny thing about Joe Lonie “Green” video. It was actually the second video made for the track. And I actually think this video wasn’t released until about 2003. The first version of the video was, I believe, directed by Florian Habicht and was shot in black and white, with the band buried up to their necks in sand while hula-hooping schoolgirls gyrated around them. I loved that video but now it feels like a false memory because there’s almost no mention of it online.

But back to the comparatively less awesome second video. Like a lot of Joe Lonie videos, there’s a gimmick to it – the video is shot upside down with the band dangling into an upside down bathroom.

Each of the band members take turns at the sink, each introduced by a caption with their name. As they’re all danging upside down, their faces puffy with gravity and blood, perhaps the captions are necessary to identify the members.

It’s a funny video, and we lol at Gareth trying to apply Old Spice while it dribbles up to the ceiling. But I don’t think that tone works with the song. The song has a really cool and sexy attitude. The crazy antics of the video neuter that attitude, turning it from “Hey girl” to “Yo dudez!” And really – no one wants to see someone spitting toothpaste up their nose.

But still, the song made it to number 12 in the charts, an initial run of pop success for the band.

Best bit: the upside-down pyjamas giving Murray a weird neckless look.

Director: Joe Lonie
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

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