Stellar “Part Of Me”

1999-stellar-part-of-meStellar’s second music video from their debut album takes the band out of the performance setting of previous music videos and instead introduces a science-fiction scenario.

It’s a world of modern architecture, high ceilings, light spaces and escalators with guard rails to stop kids riding down in the gap. The band are clad in white hooded boiler suits and they enter the futuristic building (with the entrance played by That Building On Greys Ave With The Round Door).

After passing through security, we see what top secret plan they’re working on. It involves plants that are being converted into a gooey green liquid (probably Palmolive) and then pressed into pill form. It’s like one of those awesome sci-fi films from the 1960s. Hey, it’s a new and improved form of Soylent Green, now 100% people-free!

There are two sides of the workers. Outside of the white boiler suits, they wear tailored black clothes and all have bright red hair. So what was attention-grabbing on Boh in the “What You Do” video is now run-of-the-mill.

Worker Boh is a little miserable. Almost anonymous in her white uniform, it seems like she’s holding on to one thing that makes her happy. And there it is – through the cracks of a busy concours, the lone shoot of a plant emerges. That’s what kept Boh happy. Let’s just hope a hungry citizen doesn’t snack on it.

Best bit: the green goo – softens hands while feeding the masses.

Director: Jonathan King
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… drama party.

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