Trip to the Moon “Catch My Fall”

1998-trip-to-the-moon-catch-my-fallTrip to the Moon was a jazz project by Trevor Reekie and Tom Ludvigson. Bobbylon of the Hallelujah Picassos featured on their earlier song “I Can Change” and he returns for this track.

“Catch My Fall” is about relaxing and the video directed by Peter McLennan shows it well. In the middle of a shady dell, Bobbylon plonks down his favourite chair and sits himself down. A lone trumpeter wanders about in the background. Yep, it’s pretty chill.

But wait. This video can’t just be Bobbylon sitting in a chair, can it? Well, it can when the chair moves. Suddenly Bobbylon is out of the dell but still sitting on his chair as it hoons through the Auckland Domain (on the back of a truck, I assume).

We also see Bobbylon sitting in front of models of city buildings, and they’re all recognisable Auckland structures, including the brand new Sky Tower. The buildings are stacked in place by the other members of Trip to the Moon, and the act seems to be a way of reclaiming the city so it’s not the big, bad stressful city any more. With the city rebooted, Bobbylon then hoons around the streets on his chair of relaxation.

Things hot a little during the turntable break in the middle, with some sparks adding extra thrills. But the pace soon chills back down and Bobbylon enjoys a night-time chair ride around the streets of Auckland.

Usually when inner-city Auckland at night is shown in a music video, it represents bad things on mean streets, but this video shows Auckland at night as a sophisticated city, conducive to the art of relaxation.

Best bit: Bobbylon’s friendly wave to the couple strolling through the Domain.

Director: Peter McLennan
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… an appropriate use of uke.

2 thoughts on “Trip to the Moon “Catch My Fall””

  1. Trumpeter is Mr Greg Johnson. And Bobbylon’s friendly wave to the couple in the Domain – hes waving at Tom and Trevor from Trip to the moon, having a stroll. The night footage was shot along K Rd. Strapping a chair to the back of a truck, how freaking dangerous. Cheers

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