3 The Hard Way “It’s On (Move To This)”

1998-3-the-hard-way-move-to-thisThis song was released in 2003, but the funding is from the 1998 round. The group originally received funding in 1998 for a single called “Home”, but that didn’t get made. Instead the funding stayed on the books and was put to use five years later.

Eight years since their last single, 3 The Hard Way returned with the smooth grooves of “It’s On (Move To This)”. In contrast with the seductive hip hop soul of the song, the video is set in the Cask & Cleaver, a cowboy theme bar on Dominion Road.

But rather than being full of diners wanting an entertaining dining experience along with a delicious steak, the joint is full of gruff looking cowboys and fly cowgirls.

The cowgirls feature a lot in the video, and I think this is the first NZOA-funded video that has included video vixens. At the time it was a little shocking, with an extra layer of WTF for me as one of the girls had been a receptionist at my old workplace.

YouTube uploader and label boss Simon Grigg notes, “The video got some flack for having ‘girls’ in it, but within a month or two every 2nd NZ hip hop video seemed to be copying it. It was meant to be very tongue in cheek at the time”. And that seems a fair comment. The ironic sexy cowgirls paved the way for non-ironic booty girls.

The video has a bit of plot. 3 The Hard Way upset the cowboys, who throw bottles at them, “Blues Brothers” style. But there’s never a sense of true jeopardy. The lads quit their performance and run off with the cowgirls, where they go for a hoon along Dominion Road in a stretch limo. Just think about that – it’s the early 2000s, you’re walking along Dominion Road – maybe you’ve just enjoyed a gourmet pizza at GPK – when a limo full of conspicuously partying young hip hop dudes and bisexual cowgirls drives past. You look at them and think, “_______”. Yeah, me too.

Best bit: the painful reminder of the millennial trend for low-rise jeans 🙁

Director: James Barr
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… legal advice.

4 thoughts on “3 The Hard Way “It’s On (Move To This)””

  1. Hi Robyn, I’m loving what you are doing – giving our clips another life. Even if it is a stark reminder of how truly patchy my music video career has been.

    On the day of the interior Limousine shoot, my Grandfather died. The DOP Nic Finlayson went straight out and brought a bottle of Lagavulin, which he, the cast and I pretty much smashed in the back of the limo before the guys had finished lighting. That’s when things started to get a little, shall we say, ‘free-form’. It all seemed like a great idea at the time, and of course I was reasonably compos mentis during the edit…..

    Anyway as a little tribute, there’s a little note “We don’t know how lucky we are, Pip” on the noticeboard in the opening frame, which was my Granddad’s favourite saying. Whether or not he’s entirely happy for it to be featured in this particular video I’ll never know.

    Thanks again, keep up the good work.

    James Barr

    1. Hey, thanks for your comment. That behind-the-scenes story adds to much more to the video! The limo scenes do have a kind of lazy, kicked-back style – it suits the song and the scene.

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