The Exponents “Change Your Mind”

1997-the-exponents-change-your-mindJordan Luck, MNZM, is subdued in this video. He usually slips into rockstar mode with such effortlessness that it seems like he’s having to consciously rein himself in.

“Change Your Mind” is a fairly ordinary video for this era. It’s very much influenced by Tarsem Singh’s era-defining video for REM’s song “Losing My Relgion”, complete with flash-cuts, focus-pulling and a subdued palette.

The video is set in a house full of objects, like a junk shop. In one cluttered room, we see a mysterious redhead woman who’s obviously the cause of the drama which fuels the song. The band perform the song in a corridor full of stuff. Not quite up there with Sweetwaters.

Jordan is very handsome in this video. He his shaggy locks have been tamed into a short, tidy haircut and the camera lingers on his strong jawline, but he’s still allowed a touch of the old extravagance with his open-neck silk shirt.

This song – and indeed this video – isn’t what the Exponents are remembered for, but I’m happy that this video exists as an artefact of the late ’90s

Best bit: the red-headed woman dramatically screws up a blank piece of paper.

Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

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