Bic Runga “Suddenly Strange”

1997-bic-runga-suddenly-strangeWe meet Bic Runga in an empty white room. She’s just hanging out, playing her guitar, singing a song. It’s all very ordinary, but suddenly the camera zooms out and – whoa – Bic’s white room is an open-sided cube inside a supermarket. That’s, like, suddenly strange.

But the supermarket isn’t the only location we’ll find Bic’s cube. Again the camera zooms out and suddenly the brand new Sky Tower is visible through a window. The cube is now in the location now known as the Wynyard Quarter, plonked in front of the tank farm.

It’s all a bit Doctor Who. Maybe the cube is Bic’s TARDIS, but rather than fighting aliens, instead she travels around Auckland, singing songs. Where’s a sonic screwdriver when you need one?

The cube also appears in a cathedral and on a beach. There’s something about the supermarket location as stacks of jars keep appearing next to the cube in other locations. It reminds me of the scenes in “Exitenz” where the real world bleeds into the virtual worlds.

But despite all the scifi vibes, it’s essentially a sweet Bic Runga video for another single off her seven-times Platinum debut album.

Best bit: the old couple pashing.

Director: Wayne Conway
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… we’re all going on a summer holiday.

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