Shihad “It’s A Go”

Shihad go underground. In dark black and white footage, we see the band clambering over rocks, as they approach a strange round building in the middle of nowhere. Where are they headed?

We meet Jon in an underground bunker, shot in full colour. This might be in the old tunnels in Devonport, but they also seem like the tunnels on Waiheke Island. Actually, it turns out the tunnels are at Wrights Hill Fortress in Wellington. Despite the spooky setting, Jon looks really happy and gives a great music performance. When he smiles, I smile.

There’s a bit of back and forth between colour Jon in the bunker and black and white Shihad outside, passing through a hole in the fence. Finally the band make it into the underground tunnels, looking very cool as they wall down the long corridors.

They end up in a room with all their band gear in it, and proceed to play the song. Oh, I get it now – Shihad rock so hard and are so loud that they must rehearse in an underground bunker in order to not disturb the neighbours.

Best bit: the cooldude corridor walk.

The video is no longer available online. This should not be happening to such an accomplished group as Shihad.

Director: Kevin Spring
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… a sentimental journey.

2 thoughts on “Shihad “It’s A Go””

  1. Rather than Waiheke or Devonport, the hills and big radar dome suggest the location is the WWII Wrights Hill Fortress in Karori, Wellington. The dome is on nearby Hawkins Hill, and houses the control radar for Wellington Airport.

    I love what you are doing with this blog by the way, I found it after you commented on Ian Henderson’s NZonAir/Autozamm piece 🙂 We are pretty close in age, so lots of good memories here!

    1. Wellington! Of course, that should have been obvious. Thanks for the info – I’ve updated the entry. And chur for the comments!

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