Cicada “Get Up”

1996-cicada-get-upCicada’s third video is again directed by Paul Swadel, and continues with strong visuals and minimal involvement with the band.

A man wakes up. He is covered in tattoos. It’s not moko or like that dude in the Lady Gaga video. Rather it looks like he’s just had a bunch of stuff tattooed over the years.

As he slowly stretches, we catch glimpses of the band sneaking around behind him, crawling up the walls. Tattoo man gets dressed, putting on a business suit and tie. Whoa, he’s a businessman. Have your preconceived notions just been shattered?

We discover the band are lurking on tattoo man’s ceiling. Are they vampires, hiding ready to strike? Or are they his good morning wake-up band, bringing some motivational music? There’s probably an iPhone app that could take the place of a morning ceiling band.

Best bit: the tattoo man’s eyeball acting, with many dramatic sideways glances.

Director: Paul Swadel
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… pride goes before the soul.

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