Bressa Creeting Cake “Papa People”

1996-bressa-creeting-cake-papa-peopleBressa Creeting Cake knew how to make good crazy videos. We meet a young woman having a tearful conversation with her lover, a giant weta. Actually, not a giant weta as in the 10cm species of weta; this weta is as big as a man.

Mr Weta has ditched her and she is utterly heartbroken. She thinks back to the good times they spent together. Days at the beach, dining on lobster at a fancy restaurant. Oh, such wonderful times.

She figures the only way she can win back her insectoid lover is to become like him. So she heads off to her local mad scientist and is injected with a strange green liquid, which turns her into a human-weta hybrid. What weta wouldn’t want a piece of that, etc.

Is a happy reunion on the cards? No, it turns out the weta has actually been rooting a pig while a horse watches. What an arsehole. We don’t see the woman discover this, but – in human form – she wanders a strange room where the walls are covered with projections of maggots.

Over on NZ On Screen, Geoff Creeting is quoted as saying, “In the end I don’t think anyone really gets the story.” Well, the ending puzzles me a little, but as a whole, the video is like a surreal chapter from “He’s Just Not Into You”. There’s a valuable lesson in there about being yourself.

Best bit: the mad scientist enjoying a fish and chips meal before he starts on his new assignment.

Director: Steve Morrison
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… the mysteries of the Orient.

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  1. that chip mucnching scientist is Stuart Broughton manager of Supergroove and only person mad enough to give ed cake his first job as Andrew Fagans guitar tech. All shot at infamous Coles Ave

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