Matty J Ruys feat Lole “Love Every Little Thing”

1996-matty-j-love-everything-about-you“Love Every Little Thing” is Matty J doing what he does best – smooth R&B pop. Christian soul diva Lole joins Matty J on their cover of this Stevie Wonder album track.

The video is shot in black and white, with Matty and Lole sing the song in front of a stark white background. Their footage is cut together with clips of a diverse selection of other couples, but also a body builder wearing only underpants. Also, a ladder makes a brief cameo.

There’s a slight religious component to the song. Matty J clarifies that while he really loves the subject of the song, “there is only one that I place above you – it’s God that I place above you.” Mainstream New Zealand pop songs don’t normally go to that Jesus place – and Stevie Wonder didn’t even release this song as a single. It’s refreshing to get a slice of a New Zealand gospel style.

It’s a really cute song, but the video seems a little bit too serious. Most of the diverse couples look very serious, like there’s a bit of unhappiness in their relationships. And I’m still trying to figure out the ladder. Perhaps it’s the happiest of all.

Best bit: the ladder, it will take you to higher ground.

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Next… the overground singing girl.

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