Greg Johnson “Liberty”

1996-greg-johnson-libertyliSo, there’s a young woman. Let’s call her Liberty, because that’s what Greg sings in the lyrics. She’s wearing a bad wig. It looks like one of those old lady op shop wigs, made of ratty white nylon. If a character in a music video is wearing a bad wig, there has to be a point where she dramatically pulls it off.

Liberty meets up with Greg and he hands her a black satchel. What is in it? Greg drives Liberty to a fancy apartment, where she meets Greg. Wait, what? Is it his evil twin? Or a Tyler Durden-esque representation of the self? Liberty goes to the bathroom, leaving Greg II alone with the satchel. Looking at herself in the mirror, she reaches up and – whoa, it’s a wig!

Back in the lounge, Greg II is dead on the floor, apparently killed by the satchel of doom. Liberty leaves, meeting Greg I in the car. But wait, wouldn’t it be better to leave the wig on until she had left the building? She runs the risk of being identified leaving the apartment of a dead man.

Seriously, if you need a quality assassinette, you’re better off going with Celia from King Loser.

Best bit: the wig reveal, of course. It’s a wiiiiiig!

Director: Jonathan King
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… don’t drink the potion.

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