Head Like a Hole “Cornbag”

1996-head-like-a-hole-cornbagFor their third album, “Double Your Strength, Improve Your Health and Lengthen Your Life”, HLAH had evolved to a country inspired sound. The “Cornbag” video goes with that, placing the band in a mysterious old country shack.

Inside the shack, we discover the band are dressed as astronauts, like some hillbillies who figured out the fundamentals of rocket science. The shackship takes off, wobbles around the solar system for a bit before crashing back on Earth…. or is it?

We find the band in their civilian gear playing on a stage. Either the procenium arch is low or the band have actually landed in a planet of little people. The second option is more likely, given the logic of this video.

The raw days of “Fish Across Face” are long gone. This is a good introduction to the new HLAH sound but ensures the essential HLAHness is still there.

Best bit: the giant phallic joystick.

Director: Andrew Beattie
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… alone in the desert of alienation.

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