Garageland “Beelines to Heaven”

I like to think of 1996 as the golden age of Garageland. Every one of their videos from this era is a mix of cool and naivety, like they knew what they wanted to be, but weren’t quite sure how to get there.

“Beelines to Heaven”, which is ever so slightly reminiscent of Buddy Holly’s “Every Day“, is given a classic 1960s television pop treatment. Taking its cue from legendary New Zealand pop show “C’mon“, Garageland play their song surrounded by go-go girls in silver boots and cool beatnik youth.

But looking back at an old episode of “C’mon”, one thing is clear – the go-go dancers were there for the up-tempo numbers. A song as slow as “Beelines to Heaven” doesn’t quite work with the go-go girls shakin’ it in slow motion. What would “C’mon” do? Well, one slow song had the singer reclining in a chair, taking off his shoes. Er…

Ok, it’s the ’90s, not the ’60s. Garageland aren’t gunning for historical accuracy. The video is simple and visually interesting. It lets the sweetness of the song stand out, and thankfully doesn’t involve literal use of honey.

Best bit: the la-la-la beatnik at 1:52. He’s well in character.

Bonus: A second video for “Beelines to Heaven” was made in 1997 as part of the group’s big UK push. Using a tszuj’d up version of the song, it was directed by Gina Birch and uses a similar split-screen technique that she later used for her second Garageland video “Feel Alright”.

Director: Carla Rotondo, Peter Bell
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

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