Throw “Honeyblonde”

1995-throw-honey-blondeAs Failsafe Records explains on their YouTube channel, this video was made by Greg Page at The Waikato Polytech’s film school. This is very exciting to me because I was doing the exact same Media Arts degree as Greg Page at the time, just a couple of years before him. (And like him, I didn’t graduate either…)

The video is a claymation animation, which was the main style of animation taught in Greg’s year. So he was putting his education to good use.

Failsafe also notes that the band was absent due to having disbanded. Their plasticine doppelgangers are much more interesting to watch than the band’s previous performance video. When the rockier chorus kicks in, the band get wild, acquiring claymation eyeliner, a shirtless drummer, and an impaled drumstick.

It’s still not quite as cool as having a good video made with the real band, but for a low-budget weekend effort, it’s a not bad at all.

Best bit: the bucket of water being kicked over, leading to a claymation electrocution.

Director: Greg Page
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

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