Teremoana “Beautiful People”

1995-teremoana-beautiful-peoplePreviously seen as one of Moana’s glamorous Moahunters, Teremoana goes for a more casual look for her first solo single, opting for a baggy shirt and trousers as she performs the song at an outdoor concert.

The brown pride anthem (“Beautiful people – skin dark and brown”) is delivered to a large appreciative audience, cut together with shots of people out doing ordinary things, being beautiful.

To compare this with Shihad’s “Bitter” video filmed at the epic stadium experience of Big Day Out, Teremoana seems to have a better connection with her audience. We see a few New Zealanders standing with their arms folded, but there are many more who are happily dancing along.

While it’s a fairly predictable treatment for the video, it’s works. And after all of Teremoana’s work with Upper Hutt Posse and Moana, it’s cool that when she finally steps out with her own thing, she totally owns it.

Best bit: the slow-motion shot of a fisherman attending to his bait bucket.

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Next… the ancient art of chucking paint around.

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