Dead Flowers “Same Same”

1995-dead-flowers-same-sameWorst gig ever. In a dive bar near a demolition derby track, Dead Flowers play to an audience who seem to actually hate them. The lead singer finds himself in an argument with two men, and children laugh at the band.

The rest of the crowd at the gig seem equally munted. They either sit around looking bored out of their minds or they engage in flamboyant arguments with each other. But then things get worse with the appearance of both a neo-Nazi fellow and a “Brown Power” gang member. And, yeah, they’re both really really angry so another fight ensues.

What sort of gig is this? What kind of small town has a) a large population of really angry people and b) only one pub where all the angry people go? And why did the Dead Flowers end up playing here?

The second half of a video moves away from Angry Town and we see the Dead Flowers performing at a proper gig, in front of a real and huge audience of fans who really enjoy their music. See, in reality, the angry pub doesn’t exist and everyone loves the Dead Flowers.

Best bit: the children laughing at the band. What are they doing in a pub, anyway?

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  1. In this video you’ll notice bassist David James is not in there – Bryan Bell is playing the bass in the clip. James had quit the band – the 1995 Big Day Out was his last gig. This clip is the Dead Flowers practice room. I auditioned to be their new bass player in early 1995 – the gig went to Aaron Carson. In all honesty I had the better hair for it so should have got it.

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