The Exponents “Like She Said”

1994-exponents-like-she-saidThe pre-renovation Parnell Baths, empty for winter, are the location for the Exponents. Jordan and the lads play the lament of lost love amid the stagnant fountain and the waterless waterslide.

But they are not alone! Because this is a music video, they are being watched by a mysterious woman with a dalmatian dog. She is wearing a matching dalmation-spot coat, so perhaps she’s a young Cruella de Vil (no wonder Jordan’s heart is broken).

Also lounging by the side of the pool are an elderly couple. The woman has a transistor radio, and the man seems very comfortable with his body as he dances in his shorts, his saggy old-man boobs jiggling with great vigour. The woman seems to enjoy this.

“Like She Said” is very much a music video, but it’s good to see the poolside antics happening in a recognisible Auckland landmark.

Best bit: the old couple’s tussle over the radio.

Directors: Mark Tierney, Paul Casserly
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… Fiona and the boys go for a hoon.

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