Jan Hellriegel “No Idea”

The first single released off Jan Hellriegel’s debut album “It’s My Sin” was the lush “The Way I Feel”, and yet the later release “No Idea” was apparently the first to get video funding. I guess someone had second thoughts about which song would be best to launch Ms Helleiegel into pop hyperspace.

“No Idea” is a rock tune that deals with a person who has annoyed the singer. The video, though, is a little confusing. It features Jan singing the song (ok), but is cut with extreme closeups of her band – so close that it’s not apparent that they’re actually playing musical instruments. So it’s like “Who are these random Westies and what are they doing in this video?”

It doesn’t help that one of the guys suddenly drinks from a glass of wine, followed up with a later close-up of a glass of wine. This feels like a reference to West Auckland winemaking (which Jan also touched on in her song “Westie Girls”) but it’s not totally clear. Maybe they just fancy a wine.

But aside from that, Jan in her peasant blouse, high-contrast makeup (including matt lipstick) and shoulder-length hair pretty much represents the cool look of the early 90s.

Best bit: with no context, a man climbs through a window.

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  1. Hey Robyn so you can piece this together there was no video funding for The Way I Feel because my record company paid for it. They also contributed quite a few funds to most of my videos…in partnership with NZonAir – which was a good thing. Manic was paid for by the Australians, bless ’em. Thanks for this – it’s great reading about all the videos. Jan H x

    1. Thanks! This is very helpful. My understanding is that NZ On Air always intended that its funding would be at least matched by the record company, perhaps not realising how many indie bands would make the $5000 stretch a long way. So in the instance of your videos, it’s evidence that having both parties contributing can make great videos!

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