Annie Crummer “See Forever”

This video has everything I thought the “See What Love Can Do” video should have had – children, a pregnant lady, Annie at a church pulpit, and a great big gospel choir.

I’d like to go to a staid Anglican church only to discover the vicar had been replaced by Annie Crummer. She’s wearing a black business suit, but in outdoor scenes she has her “Blossom” flower hat on again. It would have been quite cool if the “Blossom” theme had been developed further and Michael Stoyanov had made a guest appearance.

All the church scenes are fairly over the top, but near the end there’s an extravagant burst of chorus and Annie almost collapses on the pulpit, such is the emotion of the song.

Annie Crummer has since moved on to musical theatre, and it’s so surprise. She throws herself into the performance, physically expressing every emotion covered in the very emotional song.

Update: It looks like Annie Crummer’s videos are no longer available on the New Zealand MTV website. Until someone uploads them somewhere else, there’s currently nothing to watch. Stink.

Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

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Andrew Fagan “Jerusalem”

Rather than set-dressing a New Zealand beach to resemble Israel, Andrew Fagan and his director/wife Karyn Hay went all the way to Israel and filmed the video out in the Middle-Eastern heat.

Sensibly dressed in the heat-reflective colours of white and rock-star silver, he wanders about playing his guitar and basking in the golden Middle East sun. It’s all very rock, as if the sweeping landscape exists for the sole purpose of highlighting how brilliant Andrew Fagan looks against it.

A video effect is used, where two images are overlaid with one flickering like a flag. I think this was done by using the clear blue sky as a natural blue screen. Otherwise it’s a really simple, good looking video.

While the video received funding in the February 1993 round, the video wasn’t shot until October 1993, and wasn’t released until 1994. That’s a lot of planning.

Director: Karyn Hay
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

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